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Bicyu NZ Co Ltd

Originally launched as WPBeijing / Aim2D digital marketing company, registered in Beijing as a legal entity in 2003 by originally founders Yu Yi Shan [Everlyne] and Peter Bicknell, Bicyu today is the corporate base for our family of brands and professional partners who support us with ancillary services.

Bicyu is responsible for the overall family brand internal marketing, ensuring our policies and values are consistent across all our operations as well as co-coordinating our vendor partners.

This is a general "About Us" for potential investors or associates - if you are really bored with 10 minutes to kill our lovely E-Book has more scintillating, titivating triviality.

However, if you are a NZ brand or marketer looking for hands on support or info on Digital marketing for your product or service in China, you may find this NZ page relevant, otherwise, please refer to the next screen for an overview of and links to our Digital Marketing brands and partners.

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Bicyu digital marketing

Bicyu Digital Marketing


China Digital Marketing Company

The issue with Marketing in China is not just language. Limits and controls on information, seemingly familiar Apps, all demand a different mind set and thinking for success in China.

You need an experienced partner to guide you. China Marketing Planning, Strategy, DB, Research, Analytics, Web|App Development, Baidu Optimisation, SEM, Wiki, Social Media, SaaS, all in a days work for Bicyu.

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China Social Mobile


Managed WeChat Content Marketing

China has a plethora of social platforms but WeChat is the reigning Queen. It would be hard to over estimate its power and importance as a Marketing tool in China, fatal to underestimate it.

You really do need to have a highly skilled, cutting edge WeChat operation team working for or with you. This is underscored when major Chinese brands engage us to operate their WeChat OA.

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Ande Digital Marketing

Bicyu began in 2003 as WPBeijing, a Chinese registered marketing company.
Initially we focused on research and analysis for Chinese brands expanding into digital, mobile marketing, Baidu optimisation, training and SaaS.

Ande is our original Chinese version of WPBeijing Digital marketing, if Chinese is not a strong suit, maybe better to skip~

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Angel Training /


Angel Mentor Training

China Digital Marketing is fluid, constantly changing, your in-house teams easily fall behind, loosing their edge

Apart from Seminars, Webinars and lectures, Angel Mentoring places specialist experts beside your people, on location, training them on the job so they learn while doing. We help them gain deeper understanding of Optimisation, SEM, Social Media, Data, English for business or bespoke courses.

Selected Clients

Makin' 'n The City

Relationship Marketing to China

Technology Working for Humans
"Creating unique, interactive marketing;
preferential stories and experiences for people."

If marketing can be described as the science concerned with identifying the consumer's needs and satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process, then no time in the history of humankind have we been better able to understand, quantify, segment consumers wants and needs than today.

Bicyu develops and uses technology empowering us to know and genuinely comprehend and relate to consumers - as humans -drawing on their interaction with your product to weave mesmerising, intriguing, captivating content dovetailing smoothly into their lifestyle, stimulating traffic, arousing brand awareness, climaxing in quality followers, lowering your cost of marketing.

We are Bicyu, we make love to your customers.
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We do What?

Bicyu is Committed to..

Providing technology and data-driven digital marketing, and traffic management solutions for all aspects of network marketing, traffic tracking and analysis helping foreign and Chinese brands succeed in China realising a healthier ROI.

Acting as a reliable, trusted resource, a conduit for foreign and Chinese business people, bringing the jargon filled world of Digital Marketing, Internet and Technology within reach of every day marketers helping them make sense of all that is happening at the cutting edge of technology.

Actively seek new opportunities, challenges, partnerships with like-minded creatives. If you have a service or product you think will compliment our activities and hold yourself to the highest standards then please read on, we are very keen to talk with you.

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We do How?

The Bicyu Way

We use data and technology to aid brands and marketers understanding of business and marketing in China so they may conduct China business more successfully. As a New Zealand registered firm, we have a special focus on NZ brands in China.

We inspire them to connect with their audience and customers via relevant, interesting and meaningful multi platform content that enriches and adds value to the lives of their consumers.

We achieve this via our 3 core operational zones:

Bicyu Digital Marketing, WeChat AO operation and Management ,Content Marketing
Internet Technology, Data Analysis, Optimisation services, provided by our sister brand
Support, Training, Angel Mentors, Lectures, Seminars, E-books,Webinars.
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People are Sayin'

A word from a Client

Cushman & Wakefield is among the largest commercial real estate services firms with revenues of $6 billion.The firm operates in more than 70 countries and 45,000 employees and one of our STAR clients

We are especially proud and humble that for the past 3 years Cushman & Wakefield have selected and entrusted us with their WeChat Operation account

"We engaged Aim2D to help us with WeChat development and Management. We found the team professional, knowledgeable and experienced and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable digital marketing company in China"
Mandy Qian
Cushman & Wakefield : Director, Marketing & Communications

Bicyu client Cushman & Wakefield's logo Learn more about Cushman & Wakefield
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Need a lift?

Questions, need clarification? We know, we went down the same route starting up here. If we don't know, we have expert contacts so we will know someone who does. Drop us a line, or WeChat - yuyishan943492 [in English] - to connect.

NZ Registered Office:

9A South Road, Kuripuni, Masterton 5810, NZ
Company Name: BICYU DIGITAL MARKETING LIMITED Company Number: 6268694; NZBN: 9429046080950 Entity Type: NZ Limited Company

China Regd Office:

8/816 Flytown, 3 Yumin Lu, Houshayu, Capital Airport Development Zone, Shunyi, Beijing; Subway Line 15, Houshayu Station. Visitors very welcome, but by E-mail appointment please.

China West [Visitors] Office :

京海淀区清华科技园大厦TusPark B座 B1 层J; Building 1, TusPark B, Tsinghua Science Park, No.1 East Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084 (Light Railway Line 13, Wudaokou Station, Exit A