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Who are we?

We are:



Technology Working for Humans

"Creating unique, interactive marketing;
preferential stories and experiences for people."
Our Story

Our Story

Drawn from a proud family name, Bicyu celebrates two sisters: Jessika Bicknell and Xinran Yu

Established 2003 as WPBEIJING, a small, standard marketing studio we ushered Digital Marketing into China, lived through rapid growth in China's economy. Rebranded Aim2D we survived the rise of Social Media marketing in China witnessing the phenomenal power of Wechat as a marketing tool.
Today, Bicyu is a philosophy, ideology, a castle supporting our different brands, partners and freelancers focussed on providing business, small and large, with Digital services, tech tools and training helping them understand their consumers better and connecting on a richer, intimate level.
Data driven, personalised content eccentricity fosters sharing of product information relevant and pertinent to your consumers real time needs, rich in human stories and experiences.
Our goal is championing people's capacity to build and maintain win win relationships strengthening your brand's position in the hearts and minds of consumers as a trusted expert in your field.
Technology empowers us to know and genuinely understand and relate to consumers, - as humans - interacting with your product, electrifying traffic, boosting likes, quality followers and ultimately higher ROI.
Learn more about Bicyu: Read Our Story

We'd you to be part of our family

Since 2003 we provide services for local and foreign brands in the China market.
Today, as China matures and emerges, more clients are seeking support marketing outside China
If you share our love of digital, consider going beyond the call as a norm, are committed to providing the best possible service and solutions without compromise, we would love to hear from you.
Our story is a success story, it is still being written, write yours with us. Join Us

Selected Clients

We Work in The City


Bicyu Brands

Continuing the proud history of WPBeijing and Aim2Dtech
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Bicyu digital marketing

Bicyu Digital Marketing


China Digital Marketing Company

Premium, Customer centric Digital Marketing Services equipping you with tools and support to develop your web presence, maximise online search, optimise your web properties, construct amazing two way social media interactions with your Chinese customers.
Digital analysis, strategy, artistic creativity, content creation and execution, Web / Digital Products / APP Development, UX design, branding, social media mobile marketing combined with technology place your brand on the crest of Chinese consumerism.

link to wechatoperation.com

Wechat Operation


Managed Wechat Content Marketing

Wechat Social Media marketing: generally considered by marketing agencies as Digital Marketing. However, such is the importance of Wechat in China as the #1 goto marketing tool, Wechatoperation is positioned as a dedicated, Hi-energy, cross media mobile content marketing service for both local and overseas brands in the busy, competitive China mobile marketing arena. Grab your share of the action now

project 3



Chinese Digital Marketing

Ande is our Chinese language Digital Marketing site targeted at domestic brands. It is also home to Uengager our smart or predictive menu SaaS tool. It's pretty much a localised Bicyu Digital Marketing site. If Chinese isn't your strong suit, maybe best to skip this one~


Shirt Sleeve Seminars


On-line Training, Webinars, Seminars, Coaching

Shirtsleaveseminars is our platform for providing clients with working, hands on on going training to help up skill their in-house marketing team. Our seminars, webinars, E-Books, Wechat, provide timely, lively articles to help readers keep abreast of the rapidly changing China digital marketing landscape.
Our Angel mentor system brings you the advantages of training plus marketing support from experienced marketing professionals. Working directly with your team in real time, on live projects they learn from actual, hands on experience running a working marketing campaign. The best of both worlds.


Our Colleagues

To provide a complete service and best experience when we need specialised technical help, we turn to our friends, people we trust and have known -for over a decade in some cases.


Body temple

holistic eastern massage

Sabai Body temple is a "Sister" site in the true meaning. Founded and run by Jessika Bicknell, in Minnesota back in 2007, Sabai is an holistic body shop fusing exceptional eastern-inspired bodywork with a service standard associated with high-end spas or hotels, without the exclusivity or a clinical spa feeling. A relaxing retreat for tired business muscles and minds using chemical-free ingredients

Soul Pro

Digital Music / Sound /Audio Development

soul pro music content production

Canadian sound - music production studio with professional facilities in Beijing, Soul Pros experience and audio expertise earn it the #1 choice for global brands such as Audi. Equally proficient engineering sound bytes for smaller projects or create a bespoke track or select from their library. Record a band or orchestra? Can do.

Splendid Communications

Human to Human Translation

Peter Pei:CEO- splendid communication

If "content is Queen," having it served in a tone, style and voice your audience can relate to is imperative. Machines can not capture subtle nuances of colloquial conversation. Splendid's human translators present your copy in a voice suitable to your reader; CEO, Urban Fashionista, Rural Housewife, make sure what you want to say is what they understand.



No man is an island. So said the English poet John Donne in 1624. If that was true then, is is certainly true of business today. Apart from our partners who support us, these are our vendors who we depend on and recommend for top quality services.

Link to Graphberry, free graphic resources


Free Graphic Resources

"If you are looking for free icons, templates, fonts, graphics or just inspiration as a jumping off point, this is your first stop."
link to Site Ground web hosting

Site Ground

Web Hosting

"We can not afford to have our site down, we rely on Site Ground as a reliable, transparent, service oriented host."
link to Unsplash, free hight res images


Free Hi-res Photos

"Serious about design? You want more than the ubiquitous " stock images." You want Unsplash." Fresh, free, unique images.
Link to orange sounds free site

Orange Sounds

Free Sound Effects

Looking for a sound byte, loop, sound effect, animals sounds, city sounds, most any sound or music? This is the place to start."

Photo Credits

These are the talented creatives whose images power our sites." JJ Ying


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Please note, Digital changes quickly, our E-books are quickly outdated.
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How to Reach Us

Thanks for taking the time to consider us as your China Marketing parter, we know you have a lot to think about. If a free sounding board helps clear and ease your mind we are really happy to listen, chat over tea or coffee, offer suggestions, answer questions or prepare a free analysis and proposal. Open, honest and frank.

NZ Registered Office:

9A South Road, Kuripuni, Masterton 5810, NZ
Company Name: BICYU DIGITAL MARKETING LIMITED Company Number: 6268694; NZBN: 9429046080950 Entity Type: NZ Limited Company

China Regd Office:

8/816 Flytown, 3 Yumin Lu, Houshayu, Capital Airport Development Zone, Shunyi, Beijing; Subway Line 15, Houshayu Station. Visitors very welcome, but by E-mail appointment please.


China West [Visitors] Office :

京海淀区清华科技园大厦TusPark B座 B1 层J; Building 1, TusPark B, Tsinghua Science Park, No.1 East Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084 (Light Railway Line 13, Wudaokou Station, Exit A VISITORS MAP


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