About Bicyu Brands- a potted history

Welcome to Bicyu - in the beginning.....

Our name - Bicyu -is amalgam of our two original founders, Yu Yi Shan [Everlyne] and Peter Bicknell [The Bic]. Although BICYU as a group began in 2017, we've been around for a while, since 2003, in fact, before that. Our story, predictably, begins a long, long time ago when a small 6 year old UK boy arrived in NZ with his mum and dad. Much, much later - about 4 decades- after stomping around Russia, Korea and a few Pacific Island countries washed up in 2001 on the shores of Jilin Province in North China ending up 2 years later in Beijing - a time of SARS. To ease the boredom - life was pretty restricted then - betting on the craze for English sweeping China since she won the bid for the Olympic Games he advertised English writing services for businesses.
About that time, Ms Yu worked for one of Beijing's marketing companies and needed help preparing a proposal for a US client. After the project ended they formed their own company and worked together. WPBeijing was born.
OK, enough of the blarney, if you're an NZ brand or marketer looking for relevant hands on info and support, this New Zealand page has you covered. This will help if you're thinking; "I just want to talk to you otherwise, if you enjoy a good yarn - - read on.

The Middle Ages- our golden years~

Marketing perse was relatively unknown in China back then, looked on with suspicion, synonymous with selling. With a focus more on research and analysis, the combination of Ms Yu's reputation plus native English, WPBeijing flourished and grew, marketing slowly became more respectable in China. Circa 2005 they observed the introduction and growing popularity of Facebook and predicted the same in China so were well prepared for the advent of Digital Marketing in China. It's no secret that during this period, the China manufacturing and export machine became omnipotent and WPBeijing rode the crest of the demand for Digital Services, from the Google v/s Baidu battle for supremacy, the rise, and sudden fall of Weibo to the rise and outstanding growth and power of WeChat as a branding and CRM tool in China. For early adopters, like WPBeijing, those were the Golden Years.

Time to take stock

By 2013, our growth has become unwieldy, we had a number of different services and partners and things were getting messy, plus the growing power of China and the changing political environment in Asia meant that the BEIJING part of our brand was no longer viewed so positively internationally. During this period we had also become interested in Marketing Automation and Ms Yu, predicting the rise of SaaS in China, formed a sub brand and company UENGAGER.com which has become one the leading advocates for SaaS in China. Today Ms Yu is a noted, well respected lecturer / speaker, considered one of the top 5 KOL on the topic in China and is in high demand for seminars and training camps.

Rebranding -faster, higher, better

2017 we closed own WPBeijing and relaunched under the bright, shiny new company Bicyu NZ Co Ltd incorporating both our Chinese and English language digital marketing services plus training / seminars under separate domains. There have been some changes since 2003, a few more team members, a few more colleagues and a few more clients, but in our heart, we are still the same and remain true to our original core values of transparency and openness. We brought our; "People First" philosophy into the digital age and married it with a data informed ideology so, in many ways, we are still the old Research and Analysis company we always were.~

Some interesting trivia: since 2003, we have never paid for advertising, all our business is WOM or referral - which we are proud of.

So, even though you are unlikely to see our brand plastered over magazines, posters or in Google or Baidu ads or even heard of us, fine brands like these businesses that are serious about success in China still seem to find us.

selection of bicyu clients

How to Reach Us

Thanks for taking the time to consider us as your China Marketing parter, we know you have a lot to think about. If a free sounding board helps clear and ease your mind we are really happy to listen, offer suggestions, answer questions or prepare a free analysis and proposal all with a lovely cup of Chinese tea. Maybe even a biscuit~ Open, honest and frank.

NZ Registered Office:

9A South Road, Kuripuni, Masterton 5810, NZ
Company Name: BICYU DIGITAL MARKETING LIMITED Company Number: 6268694; NZBN: 9429046080950 Entity Type: NZ Limited Company

China Regd Office:

8/816 Flytown, 3 Yumin Lu, Houshayu, Capital Airport Development Zone, Shunyi, Beijing; Subway Line 15, Houshayu Station. Visitors very welcome, but by E-mail appointment please.


China West [Visitors] Office :

京海淀区清华科技园大厦TusPark B座 B1 层J; Building 1, TusPark B, Tsinghua Science Park, No.1 East Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084 (Light Railway Line 13, Wudaokou Station, Exit A VISITORS MAP


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